Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Apologies, Joe.....

You were right not to bring Chacon in sooner than you did. When you're giving up triples to John McDonald, you don't deserve to get in, regardless of the score.

It's a little annoying when the Mets can bring up guys like Pelfrey (in spite of his bad outing today) and John Maine from the minors to fill holes in their rotation. And we have to rely on castoffs like Chacon, Ponson, Wilson and Small and hope you get lightning in a bottle. There's a reason why these guys are castoffs and no matter how good they might pitch for the short term, eventually they'll come back to the pack.

This is why you don't trade guys like Phillip Hughes. Because you never know what the free agent market will bear in a given year. I'd rather not make the playoffs for a year than to trade prospects away for short term fixes. The Sox have Lester, Jansen and Paplebon. Who do we have like that?


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