Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Those Who Can...Do.....Those Who Can't, Yack On ESPN...

I don't even know where to begin with this column.

Raissman hints that Phillips "might" have an agenda he's pushing with his "A-Rod should be traded" rants.

Gee, you think?

There's nothing more pathetic than an out of work GM spewing the sort of idiocy that shows why he's an out of work GM.

His campaign to make A-Rod look like a selfish jerk before he even began negotiations with his agent Scott Boras, surely hastened his demise in Queens along with the horrible Mo Vaughn and Robby Alomar trades a year later. Now he sees his chance to show that he was right all along.

As if those horrible mock news conferences weren't bad enough. Now Phillips is reverting to muckraking to get vindication.

The foolishness about the "once the booing starts in New York, it won't stop" was probably the dumbest thing that he said in his little rant. Who made up that rule? Where is his example of a player who got booed in NYC that kept getting booed after they started to produce?

If you play well and play hard, the fans will appreciate your effort and you'll get a pass(sometimes) when you struggle. If you stink, well....you know what happens.

Phillips conveniently glosses over the fact that the rules have changed a bit at Yankee Stadium. There's "B04"(Before 2004) and "A04" (After 2004). Remember A-Rod got a pretty warm reception when he came here. Even after he had a subpar season. It wasn't until after the collapse that certain Yankee fans started acting like...well, Red Sox fans. With the cynical remarks and the sky is falling attitude. Hell, even I had to be talked off the ledge a couple of times.

The arrogance and swagger that made the world hate us was gone. The angst that fills every other fanbase during the season. We became mortal.

Add to that the added problem of watching your team in the media capitol of the world...the way a hangnail becomes as serious a ACL or Tommy John....and you have an angry, angst-filled fanbase that foaming at the mouth over every loss in a perceived important series.

You have these idiots booing Mo after blowing a couple of saves to the Red Sox in the opening series of the year. You have these same idiots booing A-Rod after he strikes out....when the Yankees are winning!!! It's all symptomatic of the same disease.

Smart baseball fans know that you can't treat every game like it's game 7. You'll burn out before Labor Day. Unfortunately, the Yankee fans we're talking about aren't that smart. And it's idiots like Steve Phillips who feed on this and create this groundswell of foolishness.

I wonder if he got Harold Reynolds whacked? Maybe he got him traded to SNY?

Keep yacking Stevie. Maybe you'll yack enough so enough owners will decide to blacklist your dumb ass.

Wait a second....there was a game last night!!

And Alex actually had a solid performance!

Seriously, it was nice to see Randy string together another solid outing. I have to admit that when I see that he's pitching in launch pads like Arlington, I get a little nervous that the slider will flatten out and resemble a Hezbollah missile.

But he's "pitching" instead of throwing which means he's finally realized that he's 43 not 33. Throwing between 93-95 mph for a thrower is tantamount to batting practice for major league hitters. Throwing that hard when you know how to pitch is lethal when you throw a couple of pitches in the mix.

A shout out to Cubs blogger Thundermatt. Thanks for reading buddy. Hopefully you can continue to avoid hurling in your mouth when you visit.


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Thunder Matt's people don't need to worry about hurling. Its sharting they need to worry about because of all the Old Style Beer they drink.

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