Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wang Dynasty Puts Yanks In Control Of Their Own Fate

Sorry for the delay in the post. Computer and gastrointestinal issues. That's all I can say.

I wonder how the Lupicas of the World who declared the Mets the best team in NYC feel now when they see the standings?

NY Yankees 60 40 .600
NY Mets 61 41 .594

Once again, this is why I don't pay attention to certain columnists and media types who want to make every slump, every injury into Armageddon or the Apocalypse.

I stated a while back that we had enough offense to stay competitive in the AL race. What we lacked was consistent pitching and defense. I wrote that if they tighten up both areas that they'll remain in the conversation. Last night was a perfect example of my point.

Wang is essentially a right-handed Andy Pettitte. If his sinker is working and the defense is on their game, you have two-hit gems like last night. If either is off, then you have what you got last Saturday against Toronto. A sloppy game that the Yanks were fortunate to win.

With Wang, Moose and Unit pitching well, the Yankees will be a very tough team to beat even with the question marks in the back of the rotation as well as with Matsui and Sheffield missing. Do I want to stay with the status quo? Absolutely not, but if the answer is trading Scott Proctor, then the we should avoid the question altogether.

None of the bullpen arms mentioned are better than Proctor and none of the bats mentioned are going to make the offense significantly better than it is now. And the added offense won't compensate losing a plus arm in the bullpen like his. With Farnsworth's balky bat and the questions around whether Dotel will return, should make Proctor untouchable unless a front line starter becomes available. And that's not going to happen.

The mediocrity of the National League and the AL West has made almost everyone a buyer. Teams under .500 like Milwaukee, Texas and Atlanta are still in the hunt for the wildcard and division titles. Even the good teams (except for Detroit) need help in their rotations. As a result, anyone going after a front-line starter (ie, Zito or Willis) can expect to get fleeced. I seriously doubt that you're going to see a big deal concerning a premium starter this weekend which means....barring some waiver wire brainlock....That most of these teams will have to look from within to better their rotations.

We have Chacon, Ponson and Wright vying for the last two spots. Should be a very interesting two months.

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