Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday Wisdom From The Dark Lord

To continue my rant on Michael Kay and why I want him gone...

Last night was perfect example of why I hate when he does play by play. It's remedial baseball 101 whenever he does the booth. I never learn anything new about situations or stragegy when does play by play. He always assumes that his audience is watching their first game...that it's all seven year olds and girls with pink hats and Jeter jerseys. I wish someone would tell him that it's ok to talk to the audience as if they've seen a few games in their lives.

And when he does impart some useful information, it's always with a touch of spin or an agenda. They were beating the death the point that the White Sox staff is awful this year. Valid point. But when he spins the fact that Jaret Wright has a lower ERA than anyone on their staff except for Jose Contreras, I almost threw my shoe through the TV. The idea that he would insinuate that Wright is having a better year than anyone on the Chicago staff is intellectually dishonest.

Yes, Wright, the number four starter of the Yankees, has a lower ERA at 4.38. But take a closer look at the numbers and you realize how much of a farce that is. Every one of the Sox starters is projected to pitch between 194 and 220 innings (Contreras who spent over a month on the DL is still projected to pitch 208). Our own Jaret Wright is projected to pitch 139 innings this year. A little more than some long relievers. All of the Chicago starters average six plus innings a start, Wright has one of the lowest averages among starters with just over five innings an appearance.

This is the AL so pitchers are going to take a beating from these deeper lineups which is going to inflate ERAs. But I'll take a four plus ERA if it means my starters go deeper in games and my bullpen's fresher for the stretch run.

Bottom line, I would take any of their starters over Wright even if they do get roughed up for time to time, because I'd rather have a line of four or five runs in seven innings rather than three runs and five. Saving the bullpen means more bullets for Mo and company in October.

But do you get this sort of analysis from Kay? Hell no. He spins it that the White Sox staff is awful this year, but only glances over the reasons why. Between him and O'Neill comments on how the crowd wasn't as into the game as they should be...I wanted to barf. Leiter, as usual, was the only saving grace for the broadcast.

Is the ChiSox staff as good as last year? Nope. You had several pitchers who had career years last year. And if they continue to struggle, they'll be watching either Minnesota or Boston playing in the wildcard game. But to suggest that Jaret Wright is a better pitcher than any of these guys...tells me that either he's stupid or he thinks we are.

Yankee fans really need to move away from the ledge. Last night's loss was tough but we win that game 99 times out of 100. Mo isn't going to burp much. Posada's GIDP in the eighth hurt...but I prefer to take a half-full approach to this.

Boston doesn't know who will stop the bleeding for them. Their bullpen is starting to wear down and the leader is on the DL for a month. Liriano for the Twins is on the DL with a bum shoulder so who knows who can carry the weight for them. And the Chi-Sox are trying to find a quality start from one of their starters.

Meanwhile, we strenghthened our lineup, bench and rotation with the Abreu/Wilson trades. We just got Cano back and Dotel should be back this month as well. Plus, we could get Matsui and Sheff back next month and there's outside chance we could see the Human ATM Pavano back as well (although I wouldn't the farm on that one).

Point being, we're playing solid baseball while some of out chief rivals are scuffling and we could have more help on the way.

See what happens when you lay off the Starbucks?

More later...


Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Mets had Healy.
You have Kay.
We got rid of Healy. May you get rid of Kay.
It is punishment for some past wrong.

4:56 AM  
Blogger George said...

Your point is very good about Wright. Could the guy pitch more than five innings just once? That being said he does seem to keep the Yanks in the games he pitches even if he does kill the bullpen.

5:44 PM  

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