Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chi-Town Christmas

Kris Kringle must have a goomah on Michigan Avenue because he was giving out gifts on the South Side tonight.

Wow, that really sucked.

Give the Chi-Sox credit, they wouldn't go away and they were able to squeak one out in 11. But I'm not too depressed about the loss.

Wang was very mediocre and yet we still had a chance to win in the ninth. Mo doesn't blow too many games like that. Plus the loss still helps us in a way. A Chi-Sox win combined with a Boston loss in KC means that not only do the Yankees maintain their two game lead, the Sux lose ground in the wildcard race. The Twinkies win over the Tiggers tonight actually puts them in third in the standings (albeit by a game)

Plus, Ozzie had his closer Bobby Jenks go two plus innings tonight. I understand they needed the win in the worst way so Guillen was going with his best guy. But throwing 38 pitches Tuesday night probably means he's not throwing today. Mo only threw 15 pitches so he's probably available for redemption Wednesday night. It'll be interesting to see if it works for him this series or blows up in his face.

We get Cano back and he looks great. Alex has a nice night at the plate, but Giambi gets hit in the forearm has to leave the game. This is getting old. Can we have a healthy team on the field for more than a day please? Hopefully he'll be back soon and misses little or no time. Posada grounding into that DP with one out and bases loaded was the difference. One more run, we win. He had a great game behind the plate playing Megatron to Chi-Sox runners Autobots. But that DP killed us.

As good as Wang has been this year, it's a startling to see how bad he's been on the road. He was battled and was able to get through five but damn it was ugly.

I feel pretty good despite losing the way we did. Hopefully, Unit can recover.


Blogger Shea Gadfly said...

It doesn't look good for Boston...if they can't beat the Royals when the Yanks are playing a good team. Someone better tell them that it is August.

I always thought of Posada as more of a Dinobot, old and sort of limited in his power. Either way, Megatron is dead...or was that Galvatron?

Anyway, I hate the White Sox and especially Guillen. This is perhaps one of the only series that I will watch, sort of hoping the Yankees win...Wouldn't it be great if they could both lose?

Jermaine Dye killed you last night.

Why does Kay have to tell the audience that the first three hits were doubles...the first was in the first inning and no one scored. Would he have said it if the first three hits were singles? Singles hit as hard as the doubles were? Wang wasn't keeping the ball down, which he alluded to initially but didn't everyone who was watching the game realize that when all of the hits were in the air? Good to have him back on the air, eh?

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