Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kyle Farnsworth AKA Joe Buzzkill

Ok boys, enough with the gifts. Tuesday night was bad enough.

How do you go from enjoying a blowout and near no-hitter to fighting for your life in the ninth inning? Ask Kyle Farnsworth, he found a way to make every infidels' dream come true last night. Two bullpen implosions by the Yankees resulting in two devastating losses. Rivera making Pierzynski spin himself into the ground after getting jammed was the highlight of the night.

Thank god for 1)Mo Rivera putting an end to that foolishness and 2)the Red Sox are so god awful right that they can't even hold off the 4A Royals in the ninth.

I would have had to show my color going to Chicago for the weekend to catch the rubber game of this series and the Friday-Saturday Tigger-Chi-Sox matchup. Ghetto would have been an understatement.

Speaking of ghetto, I've had to deal with its polar opposite recently watching games at my favorite watering hole. Last week, I had deal with a preppy prick going off on Lastings Milledge. Normally, I hate having to defend Mets, but the doofus had it coming. He kept going on and on about how the kid is a punk and yammering about him high-fiving crowd after hitting his first home run. He, then decided to get on his braids saying that they're thuggish and that normal people don't where their hair like that.

I almost lost it. He probably wouldn't have said anything if it's a white boy who wore his locks long but he has a problem with braids? I destroyed him, pointing out that there are plenty of college educated black folks who wear braids or locks and was wondering what the big deal was. In addition to saying his comments were borderline racist (I was being kind)I also killed him on getting on Lastings about the celebration. There are jerks out there that won't give the fans the time of day and you're dogging a kid who shows them love? The kid has a lot of the growing up to do but he's not a bad kid.

Every once in a while some Yankee/baseball fans show the red in their collars and remind us of the bad old days...when George Weiss wouldn't call up Vic Power because he was too "flamboyant and dates white women." Or the problems Dave Winfield went through here in the eighties. How the white fans went out of their way to embrace a kid named Mattingly instead of him. How good niggas should know their place, play ball and shut up. It's the same idiocy has Chris Russo blaming Duaner Sanchez for the fact that his cab got into a freak accident.

That accident could have happened anywhere, anytime. Yet these hypocrites who have never been young and can't understand wanting to have a good time... blame the victim. I wonder if these same folks would have been as indignant when Mickey Mantle was getting into car wrecks.... stumbling home drunk after games?

But I digress. This is a Yankee blog not a redneck asshole blog. Let's talk baseball.

My friend Boston Don hates the way Yankee fans revel in August victories like it's Mid-October. We were pumping fist even before Boston lost. When Papelbon gave it up, the reaction from the peanut gallery was so bad he left in disgust.

As usual, he misses the point of our excitement. The internal clock has gone off in everyone in the empire. We realize that now is the time to break find that Jerry Rice gear that enables him to dust his opponents during games and the Yankees to turn two game leads into seven.

It's the gear that Schilling impored his team to find a couple of months ago when it looked like the season was over in June. Now the Sox are in reverse trying to find neutral before they back off the cliff. It's time to give them a little push.

The five game series in a couple of weeks will be huge, but now's the time where we can create some distance. So even if they miraculously win four of five, they'll still be in a hole.

It'll be tough to do considering after this series, we have four versus Anaheim at the Stadium. But today's game as well as that series is an incredible opportunity to piss all over the American League playoff race. To exact some revenge on an archrival as well as put some distance between us and the Red Sox.

Don likes calling Yankee fans bloodthirsty. He's right. We do cheer louder when 15-2 than when its 5-2. But that what makes going to Yankee Stadium the experience it is. It was unfair for Paul O'Neill to continue to compare US Cellular to the Death Star. But the experience leaves such an impression that it pretty much spoils any other stadium experience. Kind of the City itself.

So tonight's reaction was our call to the wild. It means that Yankee fans expect August to be a very bloody baseball month for the Junior Circuit playoff race.

A former Yankee executive described the feeling best when he was talking about the ideal game experience for him.

He said for the team to score nine runs in the first...and then slowly pull away.

More from Chi-Town.....


Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

re - Milledge.

I have a newfound respect for you Darth. Not much, but some.

It sickens me to hear fans talk like that as well. Alas, even some Met fans have been talking about LM having a "bad attitude". BS. He is a 21 year old kid. Does he have to mature, yep, but he needs time. The braids thing irks me too, on a lot of levels, including racism. Crap, I knew a lot of preppy looking kids back in the day who were punks, the didn't look like it, but they were.

To thank you, the next time I am referring to your third baseman, I will try very hard not to write A-643.
Oops, did it anyway.

4:06 AM  
Blogger George said...

Well the five-gamer is just about here. I hope that we can miraculously win four of five this weekend. I think it is a long shot but it would move us at least six games out in front.

I would also like to giving a lot of lovin' to the 4A Royals here in Kansas City for there sweep of the Sox last week.

3:25 PM  

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