Saturday, September 09, 2006

Orioles As Yankee Killers...

Wow, never thought that I'd ever write that. EVER.

Seriously, they have some nice young arms in the rotation and the bullpen. With Mazzone coaching them, they could be dangerous in a couple of years.

Too bad Peter Angelos owns the team. They could actually be a threat someday. He'll find a way to trade them for a box of rocks or another aging DH. It's just a shame that he hates Steinbrenner. Maybe we could benefit from his baseball retardation.

When I saw the Bedard/Lidle matchup for last night, I figured that this might be a good night to run some errands after work. Bedard is a tough southpaw and Lidle is, well, Lidle.

Nice to know I still have my touch.

This is what being a back of the rotation guy means. You alternate good and bad starts. At the end of the year, it comes out to being a .500 record with an ERA in the fours. Add Camden Yards to the mix, I'm not surprised.

If Wang loses today? Then I'll be a tad bit pissed.

Can't say much about the game, because I didn't get back until the seventh, and it was already 8-2. Nice jack by Craig Wilson off that rookie. When they said he hits lefties, I thought that meant he hit left-handed adults. Not zygotes.

More later....


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