Friday, September 15, 2006

Those Good Type Of Problems

Before I talk baseball, I want to send my condolences to Yankee announcer Michael Kay, who lost his mother recently. While he is been a punching bag for me and other Yankee fans, the loss of a parent is a traumatic experience. All the best to Kay and his family.

I also wanted to plug a couple of new blogs created by my friend Adam aka Brooklyn Met Fan. He's started two blogs for football season. Brooklyn Giant Fan and Brooklyn Jet Fan. I'll contributing something for the Giants blog along with some other writers. So take a look if you're interested in some good football writing.

The last two nights of baseball at the Stadium show that the Yankees, like Marlo on the Wire, has those good kind of problems.

It has to be a little disheartening for an opponent when Torre sits three of his starters and the lineup they face is still intimidating. To say that the Yankees have an abundance of riches is an understatement. A treasure chest that will

Here's the potential lineup without Sheffield...


Scary. Now take a look at the lineup with Sheffield...


Borderline illegal. Now obviously, there are some defensive challenges that have to be negotiated by Torre. Cabrera has brought a lot to this team, including range and a strong arm in left. But you can't discount what a healthy Matsui brings to a lineup. Call it overkill if you want, but without a viable fourth starter and an uneven Randy Johnson, you might have to slug your way out of the first couple of rounds. Plus Sheff came up as a 3B/SS so the learning curve for learning first might not be as great as you think. Noone expecting Keith Hernandez or Donnie Baseball. But with Giambi seemingly unable to play the field consistently, Sheff could be a viable option at first.

All this is hypothetical, of course. Saint Torre has to be the one who works through all of this. One thing that shouldn't be a factor is Sheffield's attitude. Hopefully, Gary will understand what's going on and not cause any waves about this.

One more pet peeve....I wish Chris Russo would stop trying to speak for Yankee fans. I hate when he goes on about "The Yankee fan feels this...The Yankee fan thinks that." How would you know? He hates the Yankees!! That's like Elton John trying to speak for George Clooney and what he likes in a woman.

Pro athletes are some of the biggest p***ies alive.

I can't think of a group that refuses to take responsibility to say and do more than these jerkoffs. Even the best of them try to play "the media misinterpreted my comments" schtick. Even when you have them on tape saying it, they try make like someone is twisting their words.

This Ortiz-Jeter thing is the latest example of this sort of punkass way of owning up to your mistakes. If Papi had said, "Hey I'm frustrated by the way this season has gone. I shouldn't have mouthed off like that about Jeter. Everyone would have forgiven him and all would have been forgotten. Instead, he goes the Barkley route and tries to blame the media.

Hey Papi, the Eddie Murphy "It wasn't me" act doesn't work.

This is why I love Jack Nicholson. Always keeping it real even on film.

Massacre Part allowing...begins tonight.


Blogger Don Ballgame said...

Two double headers in a row with the sux. I'll need a keg of beer and a good divorce lawyer this weekend!

5:09 PM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

Massacre 2?

Hollow victories yes. But hey it was three out of four wins against your vaunted Yankees for which you're already filling out post season line-up cards.

Let's face it. With what happened to the Red Sox we were all robbed of the type of baseball that would have left us not realizing football season had started.

Not having to go out today and see the Daily News & Post heralding the Yankees clinch - Priceless.

Red Sox Nation trails the Evil Empire by 9 1/2 games with just 12 games left. Do I smell a 2004 ALCS Collapse? Ahh I thought I'd just rattle your cage a bit.

Patriots 2-0? Not bad.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

I can't wait to see your take on the SI piece and Giambi's quote.
Yo may find me being somewhat sympathetic.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

That was meant to be "You", not "Yo"
must proofread.

5:30 AM  

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