Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bobby Brutality's Smooths Godzilla's Return

This is getting really ridiculous. I really wish they wouldn't tease us like that. You know they can't possibly keep bludgeoning people like that.

Seriously, when you see that Jeter and Abreu will have 100 RBIs for the season with less than 20 homers and that Matsui is batting eighth in this lineup, you realize how scary good the Yankees are right now. And as if the rest of baseball didn't hate us already, Sheffield is also scheduled to come back this week. Now you have a log-jam at DH-LF-1B. Chris Russo was going nuts earlier about the glut of offensive riches the Yankees now have compared everyone else. You know you're doing something right when the President of the Yankee Hater Crack Committee starts his rants.

Personally I think Cabrera has earn a spot in the lineup. He's a better defensive player than Matsui with a stronger arm. He also has done enough offensively to justify his continued presence in left. If we win or lose the World Series, it won't be because Melky started instead of Hideki. The Yankees have the best lineup in baseball as is. Matsui and Sheffield are luxuries at this point. Pitching, starters and bullpen, will save the day in October.

This might sound strange, but bludgeoning opponents right now is the best possible thing for the club. Not because of the obvious enjoyment Yankee fans get out of blowouts. But blowouts mean less pressure on the rotation and the bullpen, which means more rest for your front line guys. The best of both worlds would be to make a run for homefield and still be able to rest guys. I don't know if they can do it, but homefield could be huge in the hunt for blue October.

Sports writers are idiots. I'm watching Around The Horn right now and several of these idiots are still picking the Twins to win the AL pennant. Now I love Johan Santana. I love the way Mauer and Morneau have developed into studs. And I've always loved Torii. But without Radke and with Liriano's elbow exploding on the mound today, there's no way they're running the gauntlet.

I in no way wanted to see Liriano go down. I don't want any excuses from the crack committee of haters out there when we beat teams so they can't say, "Well, if so and so were playing...." That and the fact that he's so fun to watch when he's on his game. It's a shame that he's probably out for the year.

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