Saturday, September 30, 2006

Told You Not To Laugh

This is why I held off on laughing at the Mets pitching predicament.

Thanks to Sheff and company last night, the Bombers were able to secure homefield throughout the playoffs. An important advantage when you consider both Wang and Mussina thrive in the Bronx.

We got another glimpse of the Death Star lineup and the potential havoc it will wreak in the postseason. Posada's two run shot in the eight might be considered as a garabage time shot by some. But with the precarious position Johnson's possible absence put us in, the Yankees have to be prepared to win some ugly games.

This is why the Yankees are bringing along Philip Hughes very, very slowly. It's nice having the money to use for free agents, but they have to start looking from within to fill their pitching problems. I'm not sold on Zito or any of the free agents out there. And after Wang and Moose (provided they pick up his option), we don't have one starter that you can hand the ball to and not cringe. I didn't include Johnson in that equation because you have no idea what to expect from a 43 year old with creaky knees and a bad back. After your 35th birthday for a baseball player, it can go downhill quite fast. Ask Bernie Williams. Unit is on borrowed time right now. Genetic freak or not.

He could end up turning back the clock this postseason. It's not as if the Twins, Tigers and A's will be confused with the Big Red Machine. But when it's gets to the point where you don't know what you're getting from start to start from a guy. It's time to explore other options.

The Corey Lidle/Abreu trade is looming very large right now. If Unit goes down, Lidle is the number four guy. Even with Johnson pitching, I could see Joe using Lidle as a long relief guy.

The Yankees still have enough talent to win. With or without Johnson. But every game is going to be a struggle if the pitching is spotty.


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