Thursday, October 05, 2006

Captain Clutch Successful In First Wave Of Assaults

Thats the devil, they always wanna dance. Snoop

And that's the way you begin a playoff run.

When you're at the deep end of the pool, you better know how to swim. Not to say that the Tigers don't have some fight in them. But I don't think this Yankee team is going to let up on them for a minute. This team is on a mission. I think it's going to be even worse tonight if Verlander doesn't bring his best.

I'm a little concerened with the LaRussaitis that seems to have inflicted Joe Torre during game one. Wang had a bumpy middle, but seemed to have settled down by the seventh. He had retired six straight batters when Torre came with the hook. It was going to be his last batter since he was at 90 plus pitches. You're up 7-3, why not let him finish the inning?

I would have had a problem with it even if Myers didn't give up that bomb to Granderson and Proctor didn't scuffle a bit. Anytime we can conserve our bullpen is a good thing. Proctor's logged over a 100 innings this season. Farnsworth has a balky back. Mo has a finicky elbow. I don't expect complete games out of the starters. But if we have comfortable lead and the starter seems to be in a groove, let him finish the inning instead of bringing him in in the middle of a frame.

Let me understand something; if you hit the ball hard three times and end up with one hit, you're struggling? I understand getting on A-Rod when he's stnking up the joint. This pitting A-Rod's day against Jeter, Abreu or anyone else's is demeaning to the readership and will lose more readers than gain new ones.

I would have been so pissed if I had tickets last night. And I would have had a serious case of the flu today...cough, cough.

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