Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well...That Sucked....

The last two nights actually. But tonight especially.

To come all the way back like that and lose. That really, really sucked.

You can say that it's the beauty of baseball and all that. "That it ain't over, til it's over." But when it happens to your team, it sucks.

Like the way we battled back. Liked what I saw out of Proctor. But the ending was a real buzzkill.

Don't know what else to say other than that. Mo is going win his fair of share of games for us. And at the end of the season, we'll be where we're suppose to be in the standings. But this was a tough one.

Al Leiter talked about this game possibly having a carryover effect. Let's hope not. Because it's going to be like this all season. This isn't your daddy's American League. Where you had about three or four good teams and about 10 or more mediocre or bad ones. I wrote earlier that I count eight teams that will seriously compete for four playoff spots this year. The Twins will be one of them. I still feel they don't have enough offense to overtake the ChiSox or the Tribe. But their pitching, defense and team speed will keep them competitive until the end. And when Santana gets himself in mid-season form, they'll be that much tougher. If they're able to swing a trade for a bat, who knows what will happen? That AL Central is a tough division to figure out, sports fans.

That's why I don't think anyone in the AL is going to run away with it. Every pennant race, wildcard race and battle for homefield is going to come down to the last week of the season. Just like it did last year.

Makes for great television, great ratings and high drama. But plenty of gray hairs, ulcers and visits to the doctor for baseball fans.

Let's hope Wang gets his head out of his ass and we continue pummel Radke like we have in the past to salvage one of these damned games. This sucks. We used to give the Twins "Battered Ball Club Syndrome." Now they're holding their own with us on a regular basis.

It's a new day, boys.

Got a chance to watch SNY's broadcast for the first time today.

Gotta admit, Cohen and Darling call a good game. No frills, real solid broadcasting. Not a lot of pandering to the fans. The YES folks could learn a thing or two from watching them. I know Bobby Murcer is a fan favorite with the baby-boomer set. But he is not a good analyst. Singleton has his moments, but he refuses to put himself out there. Always plays it safe...refusing to ruffle feathers.

Kitty is the best analyst in the business, but his schedule's been cut back...Gee I wonder why? I don't hate Michael Kay like some members of the empire. But I think that he's too far in the management's pocket to ever be a good play-by-play guy. The Yankee brass will never let him or any of the broadcast team have the sort of freedom that will make for a good broadcast.

And it's sad, because Yankee fans deserve better than this. There are a lot of knowledgeable fans out there who want to hear the announcers call a good game without all the shilling and pandering to the suits. They should be allowed to call it like they see it and not be concerned about their job security.

And don't even get me started on the radio team. I can't listen to them anymore. I just can't. I feel the brain cells die when I try.

Al Leiter has the potential to be an top notch analyst. I wonder if he'll ever reach his potential working at YES?

Only time will tell.

Nice work by Gary Cohen during the Mets game today asking Bob DuPuy about the decline of black participation in baseball and what the MLB is doing to counteract that. The Mets did a nice job honoring Jackie Robinson on the anniversary of his first day in the majors. I've been critical of all the pandering the Mets and their fans in trying to leach off the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Create your own history, I say. But they did a nice job this afternoon. I wish the Yankees would do more to acknowledge the accomplishments of Robinson. It's possible to pay tribute to the man without denegrating your own history.

Hey George, we won. The Dodgers lost. It's our city now. No shame in paying tribute to the man in Monument Park for his special place in history. It doesn't belittle us. On the contrary, it makes us all the stronger for it.

Am I a pervert if I say that Rachel Robinson is still a strikingly beautiful woman? Wow. To look like that at 80 plus. Black don't crack.

Happy Easter, everyone.


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