Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Think Torre Thinks That April Is Still Spring Training...

But I'm not panicking...really, I'm not.

I'm actually halfway glad that we lost this series in the way that we did. It'll show them and the fans that 15-2 games are really an anomaly. That most games are won with the little things. The basics...pitching and defense. The defense was atrocious last night and the Farnsworth's pitch selection was dubious at best.

Sturtze looked good and I liked what I saw from Wright for two innings. He clearly got tired in the eighth from a lack of work in spring training. But Torre being in extended Spring Training mode decided to push the envelope and give him a third inning because he needed the work. He faltered a bit but Cano didn't help matters either.

And Wang needs to learn how to battle through these situations. Pick up his teammates. Jeter's error was unfortunate but Wang had a chance to pick him up and failed. I don't want to hear about a sophomore jinx.

At least, we're getting all this out of the way now. Better now than in August.

I wish I could blame this on the WBC, but Torre has always been this way. Now we go to Anaheim to play the team that personifies the importance of being good at the basics.

I hate West Coast games....


Blogger kigogal said...

Yep, you're right. The 3rd game of 162. I must remind myself not to overreact. And you're ALSO right about Torre! I remember having several minor heart attacks last year, wishing I could call him up and remind him that April ain't spring trainin' no more. Oh well. I really like the team this year (still can't quite "root" for Johnny Damon yet...) and I'm feeling really good about the future.

Damn Proctor. I love close games, albeit close ones where the Yankees win, but I especially love close games cause I get to watch Mariano!!!! Where the eff is he?

OMG, I accidentally watched fever pitch once, too, on cable. It took days to stop the involuntary gagging. Hope you're doing better. :-)

5:27 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

The baseball gods patched me up after they made their point. They were just trying to protect me from myself.

The movie came on again when I was flipping around the tube. I screamed and promptly changed it to Smallville. Pheww!!!!

Damon's been looking good so far. He's been setting the table quite well. Chacon pitched well vs Anaheim last year. Hopefully, he can continue the trend.

6:54 PM  

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