Saturday, April 01, 2006

A-Rod Finally Gets Some Good Press

Tyler Kepner of The NY Times thinks that the man with Aaron's record in the long run won't be a cheater after all.

If he stays on his current pace, Alex Rodriguez has a chance to break Aaron's record by the time he's 40. Provided he stays healthy and motivated.

Interesting premise and it would be great to see Alex do it, particularly if he's still in pinstripes. But a couple of factors could stay in the way of history being made.

The first is Yankee Stadium. Not exactly the easiest place for right-handers to go deep. A-Rod said last year that the park probably takes about six homers off his total a year. It won't get any easier once he hits 35. Don't expect any help from the new stadium in 2009. The dimensions are expected to be the same as the old cathedral.

The other is inner motivation. A-Rod will have made over $250 million, not counting endorsements and other outside income at the end of his contract in 2010. Assuming he's won a World Series title (let's hope so), what other possible motivation will he have to get up in the morning and push himself? Only he can answer that one.

I'd love to see him do it. But I think 650 is a much more realistic number for A-Rod than 755. I think outside interests are going eventually pull him away from the game once he wins a championship.

Nice to see him get some positive press though....


Blogger kigogal said...

Haha Ha! Love it! I'm so excited about baseball season that I can hardly sleep at night!

I love rivalries! (It was really refreshing to talk to dirty Red Sox fans in Boston about baseball...) but did you see Metstradumas' blog today? He's talking about haircuts and super-models and gossip rags. Oh, I would hate to be a Mets fan. That would really, really suck. :-)

(Although he is a very clever wordsmith.) :-)

Go Yankees! Tomorrow is going to be so lovely!

5:49 PM  

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