Sunday, March 12, 2006

Confession Time

I've been watching some of the WBC.

I watched the Cuba/Venezuela game today flipping between that and the Dook/BC ACC tournament final.

Gotta admit that I am intrigued by this tournament. Just a little bit.

I still hate the time of year it's being played (they should take a month off to play in the sunmmer)and I'm deftly afraid of someone getting hurt(which could happen during spring training i.e Carl Pavano).

But it is an interesting concept seeing all of these guys playing together. The interesting thing is to see if they can sustain interest with the players and the fans. The crowds have been pretty substandard and I'm wondering how the crowds in San Diego will be if the U.S doesn't make it pass the second round.

But it is nice to see meaningful baseball games in March. For now.


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