Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Rebellion Attempts To Poison Their Youth

It looks as if the Jim Jones contingent has infected Red Sox Nation....

The Lowell Spinners minor league baseball team has launched a campaign to eliminate the Yankees at least in youth baseball leagues across New England.
The team says that if the leagues change the name of their Yankees teams to the Spinners, the Lowell team will pay for new uniforms. The Spinners are a Class A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, archrival of the New York Yankees.
In a message on the Spinners' Web site, General Manager Tim Bawmann said many children in New England are devastated when they are assigned to be on a team called the Yankees.
``When you are a kid playing baseball it is pure fun, and worrying about what team you are on should be the least of your concerns,'' he said.
``We figured the easiest and best solution was to replace those Yankee teams with the Spinners, who are part of the Boston Red Sox system,'' he added, calling the promotion ``all in good fun.''
As part of the deal, any team changing its name to the Spinners also will be invited to play on their namesake's field before a game this summer.
According to the Spinners, about half of New England's youth baseball leagues have teams called the Yankees. The rest eliminated the name as the rivalry between their grown-up counterparts became more intense and heated in recent years.
John Goode, the Spinners' director of corporate communications, said more than 20 communities have contacted the team about the name-change idea. The plan already has the approval of the Methuen Instructional League, Methuen West Little League, the Chelmsford Little League and Tewksbury Youth Baseball.
Andover Little League President Sean Hoffman said some people balk at being assigned to the Yankees as either a player or coach. He said he plans to bring the Spinners' promotion before the league's board.
But in the Spinners' hometown of Lowell, Yankee haters and Yankee lovers had to strike a compromise. This week, they agreed to rename just two of the league's four Yankees teams T-ball and girls softball. The Little League and minor-league Yankees will keep the name.
Highlands Little League President John Romano says there are still Yankee fans in area. Besides, the league's Yankees have won the city tournament three of the last four years.

Funny that the Yankee team has been kicking ass over the last couple of years. The power of Dark Side can even be felt in New England Little Leagues!! It's a shame this children don't realize that by being given the name Yankees, that they're being touched by the hands of the baseball gods.

I guess some folks just like being trash. You can take the infidel out of the nation but you can't take the nation out the infidel I suppose.

Looks like there's only solution to this problem......

Pitchers and Catchers have reported!!! Get ready to bow down beyotches!!!!!!


Blogger FenwayParked said...

Darling Darth,
You're back. Is it because the sun is out? Can't be, you exist on the dark side. Is it because the cry pitchers and catchers has been heard? No,somebody probably just stuck a stick in your cage and woke you up. A WEEK LATE!
The story you are referencing in your ornery ode deals with a dated story. Your alter ego would call it OLD NEWS. Looking at it that way, so is the Crankees last world championship.
The Lowell Spinners story got them some good press even you might mumble under your bad breath that it was a good idea.
I'm almost motivated enough to see how many Red Sox little league teams are playing in the evil empire, and check back and see if any teams took the Spinners up on their offer.
By the way, that Jim Jones crack? Well, it was out of bounds even for you. I'll bet Johnny Damon can't spell kool-aid.
Ah my ugly friend, you are the poster boy for a fashion disaster that could only look worse if you added pinstripes to that Halloween inspired suit of yours.
I'm looking forward to a long summer of verbal jousting that is of course if the Yankees can come up with a pitching rotation.
And finally can I offer you a bowl of coco crisps to get things off to a good start this season?

8:27 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Nothing is out of bounds when it come to you, infidel....Nothing...

3:35 AM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...

You disappoint me with your Contreas like brevity.

6:35 AM  

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