Monday, November 14, 2005

Whoop De Dam Do....Alex Wins The MVP....

From The Yankee Website...

NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez may not yet have any World Series rings to show for his remarkable career, but the Yankees' third baseman picked up his second American League Most Valuable Player Award on Monday.

Rodriguez beat out David Ortiz, Boston's larger-than-life designated hitter, who finished a close second in the voting. Rodriguez earned 16 first-place votes and 331 points, while Ortiz received 11 first-place votes and 307 points.

"David Ortiz is a great player, and I have a great privilege not only to compete against David, but against a great organization like the Red Sox," Rodriguez said. "I'd certainly trade his World Series championship for this MVP trophy."

Los Angeles' Vladimir Guerrero received the other first-place vote, finishing third. Boston's Manny Ramirez and Cleveland's Travis Hafner rounded out the top five.

Rodriguez got 11 second-place votes and one third, while Ortiz was listed second on 17 ballots.

I wish that I could say that I was surprised that A-Rod won...but I'm not. Listening to what many of these columnists were saying over the last few weeks of the season, it was pretty clear to me that if the Yankees won the division, that the award would go to Alex. As good as David Ortiz was this year, he would have to have had a .330, 50 HR, 160 plus RBI along with a division title to overcome the writers prejudice toward the DH position. And that's saying something considering the national prejudice toward all things New York Yankee and the fact that Alex isn't exactly the most popular figure in the game.

And despite the expected whining from New England's Infidel Nation, this wasn't highway robbery or some travesty of justice. Their offensive stats were very close...with Alex having the advantage in homers, batting average, hits and OPS and Ortiz the nod in RBIs and average with RISP. Yes, Ortiz (along with Manny) was the only thing that kept the Sox in the race until the very last weekend of season. But A-Rod was a huge part of the Yankees overcoming the many problems they had early last summer. Maybe he didn't have the same flair for the dramatic as Papi did. But he carried the Yankees to victory on many an ocassion last summer. Including that huge series at Fenway after the all-star break where Alex and Sheff helped the Yanks take three of four from the infidels and briefly put the Yanks in first place. So his numbers were hardly empty Sosa-esque stats.

And all of this talk from the talking heads and bloggers that this would be as bad as Mo Vaughn beating out Albert Belle in 1995...please. Belle beat Vaughn in almost every statistical category and led a team that won 100 games in 144 games. Not even close.

But did he deserve the award? That's in the eye of the beholder. This might sound wishy-washy, but I think the fairest thing would have been to split the award like they did in 1979 with Pops Stargell and Keith Hernandez in the National League. Both guys were equally deserving of the award. And yes it's a little dishonest to make such a big deal about defense when so many below-average defensive players have won the award. But never has a DH had a year like David did, so it was never an issue before. The closest was Edgar Martinez in 1995 and Belle had the better stats overall. Vaughn should have finished third, not first. But most DHs are older players who can still hit, but can't play the field everyday. Not 30 year olds hitting their prime like Ortiz. And definitely not 30 year olds hitting their prime..who hit in front of one of the great hitters of the last 25 years.

Don't underestimate the Manny factor in all of this. As good as Ortiz was last season, all these comparison to Barry Bonds are just a little premature. Let's see him put up those numbers without Manny or someone like him hitting behind him. Because that's what he's probably going to have to do in 2006. A-Rod has put up big numbers for the last 10 years. Papi's done it for three. Put the Bonds talk on the shelf for a little while please.

People talk about the hype machine in New York. Well Boston does a pretty good job as well. Papi has turned into the Dominican Babe Ruth in three years. "The greatest clutch hitter in Boston history." Wow. One great postseason and you're compared to the man that saved baseball.

I almost wished that Alex didn't win the award. As much as I like to see our guys succeed, it's gotta be bittersweet for him to win the award after his awful postseason. You heard it in his voice on his conference call today to the press. He knows that he'll always be judged by how he plays in October. No number of MVPs can match a World Series title. Or failure. It's not quite as bad as David Robinson winning the NBA MVP in 1995 and then getting destroyed by Hakeem Olajuwon in the conference finals. But it's close.

So congrats Alex on the award. But next year, you have to earn it on the field. Not the ballot box.


Blogger The Metmaster said...

There's no denying the guy has talent, but he is without a doubt the most self-centered athlete on the planet. It's always about A-Rod. That conference call was pitiful. Every scribbler in New York blasted him this morning in their columns. Poor A-Rod. Having to make all those "consessions"! What consessions? He traded Arlington, Texas for New York F-ing City. He took his 252 million George Washingtons with him. OK, there's the tax issue, but it's New York F-ing City!
Boo-hoo. Those nasty writers will stop bugging me when I'm old and retired. My "benchmark" is so high. Three World Series will not be enough! Wah, wah. I'm A-Rod. Why doesn't everyone love me?

6:01 AM  
Blogger FenwayParked said...


I think the award mentioned below might count a little more than voting done by baseball writers concerned about their seats in the press box and their parking spaces at the House that Ruth built and George rents.

Please pay special attention to paragraph 4. Oh yeah you're a Yankee fan so let me help. 4 is between 3 and 5. Don't worry you won't run out of fingers on one hand as you count.

Go ahead give me the 26 business again but remember you were watching the series on TV too.


Ortiz named AL Outstanding Player

11/03/2005 2:00 PM ET
By Ian Browne /

BOSTON -- Only time will tell if Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz gets the support of baseball writers when the American League Most Valuable Player is announced on Nov. 14. However, it is clear that Ortiz won over the respect of his peers with another monster year in 2005, as he was selected the AL's Outstanding Player in the Players Choice Awards on Thursday.

The left-handed masher seems to raise his game to a higher level each year.

In 2005, he was simply marvelous, establishing career highs in runs (119), hits (180), homers (47), RBIs (148), total bases (363), walks (102) and OPS (1.001).

The Players Choice Awards are the culmination of a unique process that annually allows players on all 30 teams to cast their votes.

This is just the latest honor for Ortiz, who was unveiled as the AL's Hank Aaron Award (best overall hitter) prior to Game 4 of the World Series.

The rise of Ortiz never gets old to Red Sox fans. He was released by the Twins following the 2002 season, then picked up by the Red Sox for a modest one-year contract (just more than $1 million).

In 2003, his first season with the Sox, Ortiz finished fifth in the AL MVP voting, bashing 31 homers and driving in 101 runs.

One-year wonder? Hardly. All Ortiz did in '04 was hit .301, smash 41 homers and drive in 139 runs.

But it was during the 2004 postseason that Ortiz truly became a household name.

In helping the Red Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years, Ortiz produced a walk-off homer in the 12th inning of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series, then won Game 5 with an RBI single in the 14th inning, helping the surging Red Sox become the first team to rally back from a 3-0 deficit in a postseason series.

Again, Ortiz raised his game to another level in 2005, this time showing marked improvement in his plate discipline, while showing no apparent weakness at the plate.

Ortiz had a flair for the dramatic in 2005, winning games with walk-off homers on June 2 (against Orioles closer B.J. Ryan) and Sept. 6 (off Angels setup man Scot Shields).

Following that latter blast, Red Sox principal owner John W. Henry and president/CEO Larry Lucchino entered the clubhouse and presented Ortiz with a plaque that said, "The Greatest Clutch Hitter in the History of the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz, #34."

Who could argue?

"It's incredible how he does things the way he does them," veteran knuckleballer Tim Wakefield said in September. "He's Mr. Clutch."

"David's a special player," Sox catcher Jason Varitek said. "He has a great swing. He has a great approach. He has good mechanics. He's powerful. He thrives in that situation."

How does Ortiz always manage to rise to the challenge when the game is on the line?

"I always think about, 'OK, I got to get the job done.' I believe in myself," Ortiz said following his game-winner off Ryan. "I believe I can do it. That's all I put in my mind."

1:23 PM

10:53 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

Metmaster, you ignorant slut!!

How many players who are acknowledged the best at their position would change positions to go to another team? Not many.

You Met idiots hear what you want to hear. He knows that he's judged by a different standard and he acknowledged that. Unlike the Mets, who are judged by no standard at all....

As for you Fenwayswamped....

You expect me to get worked over a popularity contest? Ortiz is one of the most popular players in the leaguea among the players. A-Rod isn't.

I don't think much of the MVP or the MOP to be quite honest. But all things being equal, if both players have a good relationship with the writers as these two do....then I'll take the writers word over the players....

How did you like second and third place, beyotches???

11:28 AM  
Blogger The Metmaster said...

Ignorant slut??!! Tread lightly Darth Marc, tread lightly.

You support my argument perfectly. It's always about him. He's still whining about moving to third. If that's what he meant, why even bring it up? He has as much chance of taking shortstop away from Jeter as I do.

He's not a "real Yankee" is he Darth Marc? This Met fan knows a phoney when he sees one. Deep in your heart you agree with me, don't you?

6:29 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

He didn't whine...what's constitutes a whine to a Mets fan?...anytime a Yankee that you don't like comments anything,,,that constitutes a whine to you? Please.

You Mutt fans are pathetic. You were all salivating at the chance of getting A-Rod, now, he's a selfish bastard because he wears pinstripes. Can you say speaks with forked tongue, kemosabe?

And it's kind of sad that you didn't get the SNL ignorant slut...

6:46 AM  
Blogger The Metmaster said...

Come now, Darth Marc. Just as sure as God made Merlot, that was a vintage A-Rod whine. Why bring it up if he didn't mean anything by it?
And just for the record, "The People" made up our minds about Pay-Rod being a selfish lout while he was a Ranger. Metmaster speak truth. Darth Marc speak party line.

You didn't answer my questions about his "real Yankee" status.
And of course I got the SNL reference. Metmaster is older and wiser than thou. Metmaster did not have to watch SNL syndicated re-runs.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

The fact that you're a Mets fan takes about 30 IQ points and about 300 SAT points off your score. So so much for your wisdom arguments.

And don't tell me that the tests is culturally biased either. Didn't work for the brothas, won't work for you. Honorary brotha or not...

A-Rod plays hard, he puts up good numbers, he's been a solid citizen and media-accesible. In my eyes, that makes him a true Yankee.

He's been nothing but a team guy since he came here. In some ways, too much of a team guy. I would like him to be more of a alpha male and act less like one of the guys.

7:44 AM  
Blogger The Metmaster said...

Perhaps you should take a page from Michael Corleone..."it's not personal, it's strictly business." Impuning my intellegence? Is that what it's come to? What's become of the much vaunted Yankee "class"?

Guess you missed the story about your model citizen frequenting the illegal, scum-bag ridden poker dens. Yes, he puts up the numbers, but that's his obsession. HIS numbers. He's never met a camera he didn't like. How else would he deliver his whine?
His sissy slap last year in the ALCS (you remember last year's ALCS, don't you?) was an example of him totally looking out for himself, and the result was that it took the Yankees out of a potentially big inning. And that's just not my opinion. I read several articles saying the exact same thing. He wanted that hit for his own record and his team came second. Trust me, in that clubhouse he's not just one "one of the guys". Not with that ego brotha.

4:56 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

My, my...aren't we sensitive?

I've also where several players past and present said that the slap was not that big a deal and that they would have done the exact same thing in the same circumstances. Because if there's a chance you can get away with it, it's worth it. You call it cheating if you want...but it's only cheating if you get caught. Think Reggie would take his interference back in the 78 Series? Or Bench in 75?

And A-Rod ealier in the season said on several occasions that he could care less if he wins the award. That if we could win it all that he would gladly give the award to Ortiz.

So why don't you do me a favor and actually do your homework on my team before you try and wax poetic about my players. Don't waste my time with spouting the typical Yankee-hater falsehoods. Your ignorance is stiffling and a waste of my time.

Darth Marc

5:16 AM  

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