Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is Lord Vader Gonna Have To Choke A Bitch???

I know that I used this phrase or a variation of it in my other blog recently. But it perfectly describes how I feel tonight. Sorry.

Anyone who takes the NYC Subway knows that the only thing that makes the ride bearable somedays is common courtesy. The last thing you want to deal with after a hard day's work is some Jesus Freak who sounds like Pepe-Le-Pewe on Helium telling you about how Christ's love is the only way to avoid a fiery demise. Thank god for headphones and walkmans. I was listening to a horrible CD that I picked up from Virgin (Ben Harper...some clown who sounds like a poor man's Tracy Chapman...and not even the good stuff from her first two albums...last time I buy a CD without ever hearing the artist), but at least it kept me from being subjected to the Haitian Billy Graham.

But nothing short of clawing out my eyes with a icepick could have saved me from the horror that I was forced to witness today's ride on the Q.

Some Bow-Wow wanna-be was decked out in Infidel Red Sox paraphenelia. Not just the Hat. No, this tool had the friggin entire Red Sox catalog. The hat, an obnoxious jacket that had "six time world champions" on the back and little pennants of every title they've won. Unbelievable.

I wanted to get up and pummel this punk kid and say, "You've won once in 88 years!!Get over yourself!"

But something tells me this kid has no clue of what he was wearing and why someone would want him dead for it. I think this jackass was wearing it as a fashion statement. Because the jacket matched the hat or vice versa. And that makes me more crazy. I could actually respect if he was a real infidel who was being true to his school. I'd still hate him, but at least I could respect that he had the balls to wear those disgusting colors in the heart of the empire.

But this jackass probably has never even been to a baseball game, much less the Cathedral or Castle Grayskull. Burns my arse.

The Crips and Bloods were on to something when they decided to kill anyone who wore opposing colors in their hood. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that instituted here. Drives me nuts seeing all these B's in the Imperial City.

A-Rod just can't win.

First the tabloids and Imperial enemy #1 Bill Simmons start calling him Mr. May after the U.S' controversial win versus Japan this week. Now he has to deal with having horrible game as Korea put the Americans on the edge of oblivion Monday.

The Koreans lose to the Japanese and it's sayonara to the Boys in Blue. Even before they play Mexico today.

The sad thing is that if the U.S loses, half the fans in this country won't care. Either because they're boycotting the tournament all together, or they're rooting against our boys because they hate the players on the team because they play for teams they hate. I know most Mets and Red Sox fans are rooting for either the D.R or the P.R. I don't blame them. I don't think I could root for a team with A-Rod, Jeter, Chipper Jones or Roger Clemens if I was an infidel. It's asking way too much.

MLB wants that anyway because they want the infidels to buy Big Papi or Beltran WBC gear. Sad, they're selling the game to everyone but the U.S.


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