Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Taking Fantasy Advice From An Infidel...

Confession time.

I picked up Jonathan Papelbon for one of my fantasy teams...Groan...

To make matters worse, I did it after reading Bill Simmons' column this morning. I'd actually been thinking about for the last week because the kid has lights-out stuff and a kick-ass make-up. But resisted the temptation until this morning. Then I read the infidel's post about that the fact that this could either end up in the rotation or become the team's primary closer in a few weeks. After checking some other infidel sources of information, I decided to make the move.

If this kid ends up winning or saving a huge game against the Yankees that puts me over the top in the one league I was able to pick him up (someone beat me to it in my two other leagues)....I don't know what I'll do.

This is one of the eight million reasons why I resisted playing fantasy sports for so long. So I didn't have to deal with the chance that I'll benefit from the loss of one of my teams. I could understand if money was involved. But this is just for sport, for fun. This sucks.

Hopefully, he'll blow out his ACL or the Sox fall apart and end up so back in the race that the occasional win over the Yanks won't hurt us much.

Yeah, and maybe the Metsmaster has a autograph poster of Jeter in his study and wears his Yankee underroos.


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