Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday Rants

Before I start my rant, The Emperor wanted to make this statement about the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina...

It goes without saying that the hearts of everyone in the Empire is with our countrymen in the Deep South who are suffering through the greatest national disaster in American History. If you want to help in the relief effort, please go to the Red Cross Site or this link. .

Anyone who does not help out in some way in the effort will suffer gravely.

Thanks your excellency, now on to baseball.

A 4:30 start today....Yes!! I won't have to put a hit out on the schedule makers.

Sports Illustrated has come out with a survey of the baseball parks that give the best bang for the buck. Complete garbage. The fact that Yankee Stadium finished in the middle of the pack, doesn't surprise me. There are plenty of idiot infidel Yankee-haters in the media. What surprises me is some of the parks that finished ahead of us.
Miller Park?
Turner Field?
Coors Field?
The BOB?????
The Skydome??????????

Are you kidding me? I don't care how new these parks are or how many playgrounds they might have, how do they finish ahead of Yankee Stadium or Dodger Stadium or Wrigley or Fenway even? Why isn't Camden higher on the list? Or Safeco? None of those parks have half the personality or flavor that any of the parks I mentioned. These are all parks that you have to visit if you're a baseball fan. Absolute musts. Even if the teams do suck, people go just to say they've been there. I'm sorry, but BOB doesn't quite qualify with its swimming pool.

And I hate the Mutts and I hate Shea. But it is not the worst park in the majors. It's an eyesore and there's nothing to do in the neighborhood, but there's worse out there. Trust me.

That's what happens when you have idiots that know nothing about baseball doing these silly surveys. All they do is piss off real fans who know better.


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