Saturday, August 27, 2005

I've Got So Much Trouble On Mind....Refuse To Lose!!!

Welcome to the Terrordome, beyotches!!!!!

I smell blood in the air.

The Hunters got the prey in their sights and they're ready to take aim. To say this was a huge win misses the entire point of this exercise. Every win from here on out is a huge win. What this was, was a message to all the haters, all the doubters out there. The Russos and all the idiots that wrote us off in June. The Lupicas planting columns to get Torre fired. The message is this: If you're going to kill us, you better be packing some serious heat. Because the Yankees are rolling into September like Bill Munny into Big Whiskey. Ready to kill all you Sons of Bitches.

I loved the fact that Royals gave them one small opening...and the Bombers kicked open the door killed everyone and blew up the building just to make sure.

To top it off, the Infidels from Third World Nation blow a 6-0 lead to the Motor City Madmen and lose 12-8. That makes their lead over us 1 1/2 after Saturday. Oakland won and Cleveland lost, which means that we're tied with Oaktown for the wildcard lead. We control our own fate. That showdown in the Black Hole next weekend is gonna be huge.

I'm not surprised Wright scuffled a bit this outing. His pitch count has been high that last two times out due to struggles in the first couple of innings. He's managed to get out of those jams, but today it caught up with him. He has good velocity and he's changing speeds well, but he hasn't been getting ahead of the hitters in the way that he needs to to be successful. No matter how bad the team is that you're get into a lot of 2-0, 3-2 counts, you're asking to get tagged. They didn't hit him hard, but they hit where they ain't. The same thing the Yanks did in ninth inning. They didn't scald the ball, but found holes in the defense and made the most of them. Affeldt and Beroa's gaffe gave them just enough of an opening to capitalize with the lineup turning over. Great piece of hitting by Lawton to keep the inning alive.

Speaking of Berroa, this is the guy that beat Matsui for Rookie of the Year in 2003? This guy's game has regressed big time. It was a travesty that he beat Godzilla in the first place, but he should be better than what he's showing.

We're not out of the woods yet. But the pitching that we've gotten over the last couple of weeks has given me some hope that this will be a September.

Nice job by K-Bisch, who was the good luck charm for the day's festivities....


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