Thursday, August 18, 2005

Be Vwery, Vwery Quiet....

We're hunting for a pennant!

And failing miserably.

I was so angry at last night's collapse (I refuse to call it a loss) by the New York Fudds last night, that I just went straight to bed. I can't rememeber the last time that I've been that angry during a regular game (Not even when we got swept by KC. We had been playing bad before that). So angry that I couldn't speak. Couldn't throw anything at the screen. The only thing I had the energy to do was turn off the TV and go to bed. No words can properly articulate the anger that I had last night.

We are 4-9 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. If we're playing golf come the beginning of October, thank Sweet Lou. His team has played well all year against the Bombers. Their pitching isn't great, their fielding is atrocious, but that team can flat out hit. Their pitching and defense played just well enough to keep them in the game. Their bats took care of the rest. Hats off to them.

I know that the bullpen is playing on fumes after playing 16 days in a row (Whoever the sadist was that put together the MLB schedules this year should be hung from a tree by their toenails and beaten with a bat, I know Yankee fans aren't the only ones who feel this way). But everyone's tired this time of year. These boys need to man the f**k up and get it done. The only one that I see not whining about it is Mariano.

The starters have to find a way to go deeper into games to give these a blow. This 5 and done, 6 and done mess has to stop. Can we get a complete game somewhere in here? Please?

I'm not even going to mention the fact that if we had swept this series, we would have had the wildcard lead and been 2 1/2 out in the divsion. Oh wait, I just did.

Now we're going in Chi-Town to face the White Sox who have lost five straight and just got their heads handed to them by the Twins. Should be a fun series. I can't wait.


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