Monday, August 15, 2005

You May Be Wright, I May Be Crazy...

But it's just a quality start, that I'm looking for....

Sorry Billy. I know that was bad.

Wright showed me something tonight. He went 6 plus and allowed only 2 runs on four hits against D-Ray team that's been hitting very well lately. A-Rod and Sheff provided the power as the Bombers won their fifth in a row.

I know this was the D-Rays, but we can't take anyone for granted right now. This team just swept the Tribe and Lou is just itching to play the spoiler. Wright had good stuff tonight and this potentially, can give us another chip for down the stretch. Even Small is out of the mix, having his arm in the bullpen can be a huge plus down the stretch.

Now if the Unit can finally beat the Rays this year (he's 0-1), we can put another series in the win column.


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