Sunday, July 31, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again

Two straight days. The Halos usually solid defense crumbles as the Yanks get to the usually rock solid bullpen and beat the Halos 8-7 in 11 innings. K-Rod wasn't available after pitching three straight days so Shields and Donnelly had to play mop up. Goes to show why the season is a marathon not a sprint. Their arms were still feeling the effects of the 18 inning game vs the Blue Jays. Shields and Donnelly couldn't find the plate and the Yanks took advantage. Throw in a costly error by Erstad in the 8th and a tough hop Cabrera misjudged in the 10th, the Empire was able to hang in there and win it with Womack single in the 11th. Great win, considering the Twins gave us no help vs the Sux this weekend as they got swept. Gordon go back on track by pitching a scoreless 11th to get the win.

Randy Johnson must be seeing hanging sliders in his sleep. They've been killing him all year. He pitched pretty well except for two bad pitches to the Molina brothers. He's been pitching well lately. Hopefully he works out of it.

It looks as if the Sux have gotten over their dementia and decided not to trade Manny. They probably realized that no combination of players were going to give them what Manny gives that lineup. Looks like it's going to fight to the finish with the players we have. As I expected, noone was able to add a major piece to their teams for the pennant race. Hopefully, what we have is enough to get it done.


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