Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer of Discontent In Infidel Nation

Rainman Manny is at it again. The Infidels' favorite space cadet says that he wants to be traded from the Sux. It's probably not gonna happen since he makes $20 Million a year, but one can dream. Manny has been one of the best right-handed hitters in baseball for the last 10 years. It would definitely help our fortunes if he were to be traded from Third World Nation. One rumor has him going to the Mutts. From one sewer to another. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

What is this idiot thinking about? He's living in a city, where he could get caught with two 13 years olds and a strap-on in the back seat of his car...and he'd only get off with a warning from the cops. He's a god in Infidel Nation! This guy doesn't have to pay for another drink or dinner in New England for the rest of his life!! He was the MVP of the most significant moment in the history of Boston Sports. And he's bitching about his privacy??? What did he expect? He just a brought a championship to Boston for the first time in 86 years!!!! Did he think he'd be able walk around anonymously in Harvard Square? Idiot.

Boston is a tough sports town. Their fans have two speeds: bitch and whine. But I also know that they treat their sports stars like kings whatever inconveniences in privacy are probably offset by the fact that he's treated like Zeus wherever he goes. I know the fact that that there are only 10 Dominicans in New England probably doesn't help matters in his eyes either. But it's a shame that he has no idea what he means to that region and that he'll never, NEVER EVER, be treated as well as he's treated in Beantown. I hope he does go to the Mets. So he can poison their operation as well. The dark side works in mysterious ways.....


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