Thursday, July 21, 2005

Playing the part of Joe Torre in tonight's performance...Terry Francona

I don't want to sound like a bitter Red Sux fan. But this loss pissed me off.

K-Rod nails it down with runners on 1st and 3rd as the Angels win 6-5. This loss falls on St. Joe's shoulders. This is a team that we historically have problems with and we have a chance to win the first game of the set. You can't lose this way. Your team is fighting for their lives to get back in this pennant race. YOU CANNOT GIVE GAMES LIKE THIS AWAY. A manager has to put his team in the best position to win. Torre didn't do that tonight. This is no time dibble and dabble and experiment with the middle relief. Proctor and Groom had no business starting the 7th inning. Not against this team. Proctor can't throw strikes and Groom is lefty specialist. You give them an opening and this is what happens. Plus unlike the Sux, they have a great bullpen that nails it down when you give them a lead. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Win the ones you can, when you can. If it means that you overextend the guys a bit, so be it.

I love St. Joe. And the starters have to start going 7+. But the way this team is set up right now, you have to lean on the back of the pen a little more than usual. Especially when you have a tough road trip like this. A win tonight would have meant we were guaranteed at least 6 wins on this 11 game road to hell. Now who knows. This is a team that can sweep the Yanks. They pitch well, run well, play good defense and hit the ball consistently,

But I still like the way this team is battling, I think this will make them stronger. But the manager has to make it easier, not harder.

Hopefully Randy's back is ok.


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