Thursday, July 21, 2005

Infidel Angst At Its Best

I've said in the past that it's the job of every member of the empire to torture the infidels they know. But sometimes, just sometimes, they torture themselves. And nooone does angst better than the Red Sux.

A perfect example of this is illustrated in Bill Simmons latest column. I swear, if you listen WEEI in Boston, you would never have known they won it all last year. They are such a miserable lot. You think WFAN is hard on NYC teams. WEEI is 24/7 Sux bashing. You'd think that nothing but Yankee fans call in to this station. Wow, they were wondering what they'd do after they won it all. Now we know. Whine and complain like the narcisistic jackasses they are.


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