Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Small Pitches Big For Bombers

The Yanks are now 5-2 on this road trip with a 8-4 win over the Rangers. They bang out 6 bombs including two each by Giambi and Tino. Posada and Cano bang one each. But the biggest surprise was Aaron throwing 5 plus and getting the win.

Wow, I absolutely love the way this team is battling right now. They're finding ways to win. Sheff, A-Rod and Matsui can't buy a hit tonight? No problem, the bottom of the order comes through. Have to use a spot starter for Columbus? No problem. Small comes up huge. This team is finally a team. They're picking each other up and that's great to see.

Giambi is back!!! If he can stay healthy, that makes our lineup just sick. There's a rumor that the Rockies are trying to shop outfielder Eric Byrnes. I say we make that deal if they're not asking for the entire store. He's a player. He's a good outfielder, runs well, and has some pop in his bat. Bat him at the bottom of the order. Nice to have a guy who hit 20 jacks a year batting 9th.....


Blogger FenwayParked said...

Dear Mr. Evil Empire
It appears your evil-ness that you're experiencing joy in July.
Have you forgotten last July when
Jason Veritek asked A-Rod to smell his
glove after he was beaned by Bronson.
What happened to that big lead in the standings?
Here comes August.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Darth Marc said...

I remember last week when A-Rod and Sheff singlehandedly took your team's manhood. Bitch ass infidel....

2:56 AM  

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