Thursday, July 21, 2005

West Coast Torture

Never fails. This is why I hate staying up for West Coast games. Particularly against the Angels. We're 5-2 in 7th, Johnson comes out either because he's tired or tweaked something. Matsui and Giambi hit solo shots out in the 7th. But instead of seeing Sturtze in the bottom of the frame, who do I see? Scott(What's a strike?)Proctor!!! What does he do? He walks the man up. Torre gives him the hook. He brings Buddy Groom. He gives up two hits to right handers and strikes out Erstad. In comes Gordon vs Vlad the Impaler. Dominicans terror trifecta that give me nightmares (Manny and Ortiz are the others if you had to guess). F***ing Michael Kay mentions the fact that he's 0-3 lifetime vs Gordon and batting only .266 with one HR with the bases loaded. You know what happens next. Grand Slam into Left Center. 6-5 Angels.

I'm sorry. Joe fucked this one up. If you want to rest Sturtze fine. But Proctor CANNOT THROW STRIKES. CANNOT THROW STRIKES. CANNOT THROW STRIKES!!!! Have Rodriguez start the frame. He has more experience and has nastier stuff. He's just off the DL but if he can pitch the 8th (like he just finished the frame right now)then he can pitch the 7th. I know you don't want to wear these guys out. But you cannot give games like this away when you're in a pennant race. He's playing like's he's 3 games up instead of a half game out. The Sux picked up Schilling after he blew a save tonight so the best we can do is stay. Now we have to face K-Rod. I hate West Coast games.


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