Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yankee Insomnia

I'm still up because of that damn loss. I was on the phone with one of my greatest enemies, Willie Parker (aka General Zod), and we were blaming each other for the loss tonight for the last two hours. He wants Randy Johnson dead. I, however, used the force to help him see the error of his ways. We agreed however that Proctor and Groom should die a horrible death.

I don't how many of you are Superman II fans, but I found the funniest site ever that's dedicated to all things General Zod. I pissed in my pants when I saw these insurance ads.

Randy Johnson's ok. They took him out as a precaution. I can breath now. I don't have to kill anyone tonight.

One last note on the game....Michael Kay and Bobby Murcer are the worst announcing team on the air right now. God awful. Murcer might be the worst baseball analyst ever. He gives you nothing new and insightful. He's constantly stumbling over himself. He doesn't know jack about the players. Kitty and Singleton always give you a couple of nuggets a game. Even Justice will give you something from time to time. Murcer is hot garbage. He makes Fran Healy look like Tim McCarver. I know he's a Yankee liferGeorge, but get him off the air please. Give him a front office job with Reggie or something.

I'm going to bed now or at least try....


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