Friday, August 05, 2005

The Capture Of Metstradamus

After one too many Anti-Empire propaganda pieces. The Emperor ordered the arrest of Imperial Enemy, Metstradamus last night. His house was surrounded and he was taken into custody Thursday night after writing another blog spewing hate of Empire.

Metstradamus (seen here in this perp walk photo) has denied all charges. He said that his purpose was "to promote democracy in the baseball universe." Since even saying that is considered treason punishable by death, the Emperor has decided to forego a trial and sentence him to death.

His execution is scheduled on November 8th, the birthday of Mutt Infidel hero, Ed Kranepool. The Emperor, however, being the benevolent dictator he is, has decided to grant a sort of clemency to Metstradamus' family if the infidel does the following. If he tells the Imperial Guard where to find the fugitive General Zod (seen below), then his family will be spared, and he will receive a swift and painless death. If he does not have an answer by Monday, then the execution of his family will go on as planned.


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