Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do They Have the Death Penalty in Infidel Nation?

Got this from Bill Simmons' ESPN 2 website. This was the quote of the day.

"It's just like Tom Brady. If you had a fantasy football draft, he'd be your eighth, ninth, 10th quarterback picked. You'd want to take [Daunte] Culpepper, and you'll finish in third place. You want to take [Michael] Vick and Peyton Manning and all these guys. I may not hit a home run the rest of this year and we might win the World Series. And I'm a part of this team. Somehow, somewhere, I bring something." -- Kevin Millar on how he is the Tom Brady of the Red Sox

Why is he still breathing? How does someone who's hitting .273, 4 Hrs, 40 RBI's with a .736 OPS compare himself to one of the all-time money players of the last 25 years? In any sport?

Newsflash, Idiot. The Patriots win NOTHING WITHOUT TOM BRADY. NOTHING. He's the best player on that team. Hands down. You're not even close to being the best player on yours. No, he doesn't put up Manning, McNabb or Culpepper stats. Neither did Montana. But he's not exactly Heath Shuler, either. He threw for over 3,600 yards and 28 TD's. Not bad. A lot better than hitting .270 with 4 dingers. Plus, the guy gets more ass than a toilet seat. I'm sure you're not pulling that much hooch with your Queer Eye highlights, Kev.

I can see why his act has gotten tired in Beantown. He can't hit, can't field, but his mouth continues to run. Heck, I hate the Pats and I was pissed off by what he said. This guy needs an early retirement courtesy of a bullet in the back of the head.


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