Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Season Starts Now...We Need A Win.

As much as I wanted a sweep. And as pissed as I am at Moose right now, we can't get our panties in a bunch because of last night's loss. As I was telling the imperial younglings the other day and Paul O'Neill touched on during last night's broadcast, we need to focus on series wins.

A long winning streak is nice, but we need to start thinking long term. Baseball's too tricky a sport and the Red Sox are too good a team to think that you're going to catch them by the second week of June. The Yankees have to start to thinking about winning series and making up a game a week. If you can do that between now and the All-Star break, you're back in the hunt.

It's not like Palmer, Cuellar, Dobson and McNally are pitching for the Sox. Schilling is 41, Beckett has a history of injury problems and you don't know what Dice-K is going to give you on a season of four days rest between starts for the first time. Plus, Terry Francona doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation of handling pitchers.

And outside of Papelbon (who has shoulder concerns) who in that bullpen is a lock? Okajima has been clutch so far, but let's see what happens when teams have seen him a few times. I think you saw a taste of what's to come in last night's eighth inning.

That lineup is definitely better with Lugo at the top. But you can still pitch to them. Crisp is a bust and who knows what you'll get out of Varitek. This team can be caught.

And it starts tonight with Dandy Andy.

By the way, I have no problem with A-Rod's slide into Pedroia. It's about time someone on this team started standing up for themselves instead of letting people drill them in the ass. This is baseball, not badmitton, bitches.

More after the game.


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