Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Talk About Pulling The Tights For The Win....

That loss last night was straight out of the WWE archives. The awful ref has his back turned, the heel pulls the tights of the hero and gets the win. That call at second was one of the worst that I've seen in 30 years of watching baseball.

What's worse is that neither Cano, Jeter or Mattingly threw a fit over it. Cano has no excuse. That was not a bang-bang play. The guy was out by three feet!!! He has to throw a fit on that one. I wouldn't have faulted him if he punched the ump in the mouth for that hideous call. That's worth 50 games.

Baseball needs instant replay. Let's get it right and screw the ump's feelings. You're allowed two challenges a game and that's it. Either that or we need to start suspending umps for horrible gaffes like that one. Not bang-bang plays or reasonably close ones. But the Special-Ed fuckups like last night.

Last night proved once again that they need to stop treating Mo like a porcelain China doll and start giving him some work. You can't just put him in during save situations. Yesterday proved that point. Only Mattingly got the message a little too late.

A couple of additions to the Guy Movie Hall Of Fame...
Boogie Nights
Eddie Murphy Raw
Richard Pryor Live In Concert and Live On The Sunset Strip
Glen Gary Glen Ross
The original Bad News Bears
The Natural
Slap Shot
The Sting
Lawrence Of Arabia
Bridge On The River Kwai
The Big Lebowski
The first Matrix film...screw the rest
House Of Game
Flags Of Our Fathers
Letters From Iwo Jima
The Royal Tennenbaums
Blazing Saddles
Life Of Brian
Holy Grail
Friday-the first one
Young Frankenstein

Back to Yankee business....

This Clemens story is the reason I've stopped reading the tabloids and I'm this close to turning off the radio as well. I can't take seriously, millionaire radio show hosts and columnist making six figures complaining about a pitcher who makes eight figures for four months work. I just can't.

Are the numbers absurd? Yeah, but so is the fact that someone can't seven figures a year for talking sports six hours a day. And not even be well informed about the subject they're conversing about!

The Yankees have lost some credibility by signing him and letting have the same travel priviledges that Houston gave him. But I think this is a unique situation for a unique player that they have history with. This isn't Kevin Brown signing with the Dodgers. This is a guy who has been a great clubhouse guy whereever he's gone. He's probably the one player that could pull this off. If the locker room doesn't have a problem then neither do I. He's a mercenary but we've already known that for years.

Off to the game....


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