Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's May, People!!! Put The Arsenic Away Please....

First Johnny Sack, then Chris Jerry Falwell.

It looks like the trap door to hell has an express chute.

I'm kidding...maybe.

Since when did New York become Boston?

I'm as irritated as anyone about the recent imperial struggles. In April, we're hitting the cover off the ball, but we have to sacrifice virgins to Jobu on a weekly basis to get our starters out of the fifth inning. Now we're getting some decent pitching this month, but our lineup is acting like the ball is infected with syphillis. I have to listen to Mike and Chris talk about on Monday isn't the NBA or NHL playoffs but that the Yankees are eight games out of first on May 14th.

May 14!!! Not September 14, May 14th. And you wonder why I don't read the tabloids or take the clowns on WFAN and ESPN seriously. You can't. Their job isn't to report the news or give meaningful analysis. It's to sell papers and get ratings.

I'm not a fanboy by any means. I can take criticism of my team. I welcome it. But when columnists and commentators tell me that I should be worried that my team is eight games back in May and I have over a 100 years of history to tell me otherwise, that's why I press mute whenever I hear Steve Phillips and company are on the boob tube.

It is frustating to see my boys lose to a team like the White Sox or the Mariners. This is how bad Moose was Wednesday afternoon, he had absolutely nothing going. His fastball rarely hit 85, if he threw it all, and his breaking stuff hung like Dirk Diggler. And they still could barely hit him for the first few innings. Wang showed what a pitcher with a pulse could do against the clueless crew on the South Side. This was hardly vintage Wang. But he still had enough to deal with them for seven solid frames.

And you saw last night that this team is so good offensively that eventually they're going to get theirs. They can score five runs by accident on most nights. Today, they face Jon Garland, a pitcher they normally hit. So hopefully they can get on a bit of a tear before we face our two biggest rivals over the next week, the Mets and Red Sox. While we're not facing Seaver, Koosman and Gooden over the weekend, it would be nice to get into a little bit of a groove at the plate since we know what the Mets can do offensively.

If you will allow me this one chance to vent....if I see Abreu strike out one more time looking....I've never scene anyone take borderline pitches like this guy. Swing the friggin bat!!!

Would anyone be shocked if you were to pick up paper, get to the Yankee news and notes and see this...

Pavano out for the year with torn vulva muscle, career in jeopardy...

I know I shouldn't go there even though it should be impossible, since you know...he's a guy, I put nothing past good old Carl. The one that you can predict with that he's unpredictably unreliable.

Leave it to Kyle Farnsworth to put me in the unenviable position of defending Roger Clemens....

On this mornings Mike North Show in Chicago, Farnsworth stated the following:

"It might cause some friction (Roger leaving the team in between starts). Granted its his 24th year, so he has earned it. But I think if your part of the team, you should be there always."

"You win as a team, you lose as a team. The other guys (Ruth, Mantle, Gerhig) were all a part of the team and had to be there."

I agree with my buddy Rob on this...a guy who can't pitch on back to back days should shut up about people being there. Torre has little confidence in this guy and has reshuffled the bullpen as a result. This guy should be shouldering the burden, not Proctor, Bruney or Vizcaino. Yet he has the nerve to worry about Clemens.

Whatever you might think of Rocket...when he's there, he's as professional and as good a teammate as they come. I don't like the arrangement anymore than anyone else. But if anyone can pull it off here, Clemens can.

Now if he can only get into the seventh inning consistently...

More after the game.


Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Wait, now the Mets are one of the Yankees two biggest rivals?
Since when?
I thought they were the "red-headed stepchild"?

I tend to agree that no one should bury the Yanks just yet.
However, the problem is the bullpen is going to be worn out, since the starters can't go deep into games. Roger is not going to help in that regard.

The lineup is still scary though. If Damon and Cano can start to hit, then the team could start to click.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Toasty Joe said...

Hey Darth. Just stopped by to say hi. How's everything going this season?

12:37 PM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Darth - will you be at the Stadium tomorrow night for Yanks Sox?

I will be. I like watching the death throes of a dynasty, especially one that has been on life support for 6 years, yet did not realize it.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sopranos is really good this season huh? Dude, shocked about Chrissy's death..

9:10 AM  
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