Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jackie Robinson Redux For The Gutless Wonders

Deja vu all over again.

A Yankee All star catcher receiving from a great Yankee southpaw late in the game. And a second baseman steals home on them.

Fast forward 42 years, exchange Berra and Ford with Posada and Pettitte...add a touch of vanilla to Jackie Robinson and voila!! You've got Aaron Hill.

Aaron Hill!!!!

What all of this add up to folks? An ode to a play Yankee fans would love to forget during a nightmare season that the baseball gods won't allow us to wake up from.

This is disgusting. I think whatever Carl Pavano has is contagious.

Is there a vaccine for Vulvaitis?

We wasted yet another quality start by our big three. If I wasn't already sick, I'd throw up in my mouth.

I almost want the infidels to put us out of our misery this weekend. So I can stop investing so much emotional energy into these poseurs.

These pod people are not my Yankees.

I'm this close to being done. This close.


Blogger jeep230 said...


4:46 AM  
Blogger Toasty Joe said...

I'll add a few more "HA"s to that. We red-headed stepkids love to laugh.

5:18 AM  
Blogger help-a-rascal said...

oh, sweetheart.....shhhhhhh. it's okay, just lay your head down and close your eyes. i promise everything will be all better soon. shhhhhhhh..........la la la la, do do do do........

***reaches for a rock with which to perform coup d'grace***

.......to be continued june 15-17.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

forget about snipers Darth. Watch out for the carpet bombing.

They are done. Done. Done.

Even if they take two of three this weekend, they will still be around 12 games out. In early June. And not in 2nd place.

Oh, the sweet joy.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Ed in Westchester said...

Will there be a rant about how the Yanks need to win this weekend?

What about Roger, should he have pitched in Boston?

Inquiring minds want to know Darth.

2:43 AM  

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